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For the modern string player the instrument market has never looked better. Modern instruments are enjoying new widespread acceptance and appreciation due to ever increasing, already exorbitant prices for antiques (many of them of mediocre quality) and the growing number of exceptionally skilled and trained modern makers. Many of the tales and myths surrounding old instruments have been laid to rest and an increasing number of contemporary artists use modern instruments. Today there are more violinmakers at work than ever before. Several schools have been established, sharing knowledge and information which in the past has been closely guarded as family secrets by successful luthiers. The quality of making has never been higher on such a broad basis and unbiased sound comparison is conducted more often than not in favor of modern instruments.

Inspired by the old italian masters and entirely handcrafted in the finest traditional manner, each of Alexander's instruments incorporates the high appreciation and rich heritage of Italian violinmaking as well as strong personal character and artistry - resulting in unique creations of elegance and tonal beauty.

His instruments are being played by musicians all over the world, from the professional to the dedicated amateur and student. Some distinguished ensembles include:

London Symphony Orchestra - Colorado Symphony Orchestra - Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
San Francisco Symphony - Las Vegas Philharmonic
Takacs Quartet 


Antiqued & Non-antiqued
Baroque & Modern
Exact Copies

Please call for prices and availability

A Cello based on a model by Matteo Goffriller of Venice
Alexander Tzankow 2004


We also have a changing selection of modern and antique instruments by other makers as well as student instruments in fractional sizes.


Alexander Tzankow fine Violins
1991 Glen Ayr Dr.
Lakewood, CO 80215
303 403 4314

10 mins from Denver / 25 mins from Boulder


Here are some workshop impressions:
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